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July 28, 2006


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Mike Miller

You do have a way with words (grin) Just yesterday Darrell and I were discussing some of the points you mentioned and niether of us could disagree with you.

Though my family and I were only with you 11 days you did a great job in keeping a positive outward appearance.

When things were difficult and did not meet our expecations it would have been easy to be overt and therefore negatively impact everyone in the group. We instead made lettuce jokes.

I remember you singing the lyrics from which the Freewill quote came from.

You mentioned Johnny and I remember his quote too... ."You can influence my attitude but I control it."

Thanks for a great BLOG.... and for getting to know you and ride with you ....you candor, sense of humor, and outlook on life were refreshing.

take care......

Mike and Bernice


Doug- i just read your post for the 28th- would love to have time to read your entire blog! You one awesome writer. We must ride soon- I'm going on a sea cruise sept3 to sept9- see you soon after? xxoo, Laura

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