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July 21, 2006


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Tracey and Michael

That sandwich sounded yummy. I miss you . can't wait to see you.

Jamie just left. we ate some yummy apps and watched derailed. we then had dinner (it was just ok, I know I am not much of a cook). We ate my kinda blah food and talkied about how yummy the food would be if we were ay Lauren's. Next I will have you all over and we will have Lauren make all the food :o

Jamie took a walk with me and Molly (which we she enjoyed).

Love you...



Tracey lies...dinner was lovely, as was spending the afternoon with her, Michael, and Princess Molly. Thanks T & M!


OMG, T! Jamie got you to cook!? =)

Sounds like a perfect Saturday afternoon in July at the Doyle's.

Sublime ;)

Love you back...

Jamie - glad you enjoyed it too... Love U 2.

Tracey and Michael

We had fun too.

Talked to Lauren, told her next she cooks :-)

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